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Student feedback 3 (Ji Jing)

Issuing time:2023-04-08 09:11

Student feedback (Ji Jing)

Practice experience, at the beginning of practice is very difficult, do not understand the movement can not keep up with the video, I think I am so stupid. After three days of practice, I became proficient. My body obviously felt relaxed. My whole body was straight and my height did not change, but my legs were straight and my back was straight. Between fine mind and good habits slowly formed, go to bed on the bed, consciousness on the feet. Practice the first Skill during the day at work in odd hours. Personal physical condition is good, a little good cough gargle cold cough gargle up is not easy to good, mood swings or cough gargle. I practiced for two years I rarely coughed, but I coughed again in May this year. Happily, no treatment was taken. Their practice will go down the cough gargle is completely good.

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Medical science and technology
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