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Student feedback 2(Liu Ying)

Issuing time:2023-04-07 17:50

Liu Yinlong female:

Hello, everyone, I would like to share with you the Qigong treatment course of the second month. I felt much more in this month than in the first month. In the beginning of the month, I felt flakes falling off my chest (similar to wall skin falling down), and I also felt small things falling off my legs and arms. Not two days later, there was another feeling. The local surface of the body was hot, similar to a blade running gently across the body. There was a slight stabbing pain. In the middle of this month, when the teacher gave me a breath, I felt my feet like stepping on the vibration mode of a mobile phone. There was a power in the heel of Su Su, and then there was a third of the power in front of the foot, and then there was a third of the cool air in front of the foot, and the cool air from the center of the foot to the toes. Slowly, the power gathered on the toes and breathed out the cool air from the tip of the toe. I can feel the power from the teacher, opening and closing, I have been feeling this process, my consciousness is also involved, it is wonderful, during which I always feel my feet will spring up. The next day when I was practicing the teacher's skills, my feet Gu ang ah on yan ah ah target dad saddle jumping, electrocution, Su su feeling, toes can obviously see the shake, knee three times strong shake along the leg even run and jump rushed to the toe then the toe shook a few times during this period, the head appeared a fuzzy route (finger width) from the ear to the ear arc about the position, On the front side of the head, there is a slight sense of cool and clear, and then slowly spread forward, there is a palmsized area feeling a slight sense of penetration and permeability. To the teacher that qi above said the feeling on the feet are straight. The root of the tongue has a strong sense of tightening, falling down as if to fall into the throat when lying down to pull gas in the front foot and toes inside feel Su Su, rong, has been rushed to the top of the foot.

Now I would like to talk about the word "consciousness". Under the guidance of the teacher again and again, I began to pay attention to consciousness. Although I used consciousness at the beginning, it did not give me its function back, or in other words, it was discovered by accident that I did nothing while lying flat on the bed. (maybe this is a want to use the accumulation process of consciousness) I found my body local fever, I use consciousness to pay attention to it will be more heat, I tried repeatedly several times, to determine the consciousness in action, I let consciousness to pay attention to the feet, the first is not any anti topple cicada feed, tired of dirty cancer I want to have some image things, over and over again to try, Once in a while there was a second of awareness that it was working, and then I practiced it over and over again, from first one second, then three seconds, then five seconds a minute, five minutes, ten minutes, and now I can master it and use it flexibly. At first, if you want to feel on your feet, you need to think about something, design a picture sense, and then look for the state. After repeated practice, you can get rid of the picture sense and use your consciousness to find it. Occasionally, you can be specific and occasionally trance is called the state of "yes" or "no". Once you've mastered it, you'll be even more awesome, and you'll get feedback as soon as it starts. Now I have a good control of my feet with my consciousness. I can control and make the center of my feet feel, or I can make my toes move, one foot, one big toe, or all toes move. Now I can still make my feet tense all the time. Chest had two very short relaxation, no further practice, I did not consciously try other parts of the body, can try to see. Every time the teacher helps me to regulate the qi, the body will have the perception, I will use my consciousness beside the teacher to assist, at this time the body perception will be much stronger.

I came to Liaocheng, to the teacher Li Juan has been two months, the body is getting better day by day, also the "81 chapters of the Tao Te Ching" all recited, thank the teacher led me to recite the Tao Te Ching every day, give me an example to explain the meaning of the Tao Te Ching, the teacher also put the Tao Te Ching and Qigong combined, let me have a deeper understanding of the Qigong. To be continued......

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