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Student feedback 1(Liu Ying)

Issuing time:2023-04-07 17:43

Liu Yinglong female:

Hello, everyone! I come from Harbin and I am 46 years old. I have the habit of exercising, such as swimming, yoga and belly dancing. In 2018, I felt the muscles around my neck were very tense. I feel that my body diverges, there is space in the body, pulling, pulling, comforting, jumping, and fluctuating. There are videos of these feelings and pulsations. You can see them.

One day I saw the word "out of bias" on Baidu, the content is similar to some of my symptoms, and then I knew that this is the phenomenon in the field of Qigong out of bias, I searched "can cure out of bias Qigong master", and then teacher Li Juan entered my line of sight she has 30 years of solid foundation and plate sitting for three days and three nights and squatting on the wall 1200 records, Treated more than 100 difficult miscellaneous diseases, corrected more than 10 cases of biased patients I did not hesitate to contact the teacher, so I came to the location of the teacher "Liaocheng began to" qi"

The body is getting better day by day. In the process of regulating qi, the body will have a lot of feelings. I can feel the teacher in the process of giving me gas and pulling gas. There is a thin cool gas moist the whole body and each cell, the best pocket book feeling and ah the whole person is very clear, very transparent. Once in the process of qi adjustment, I felt my arms and body as a whole, more and more expanded, lasted for a while, and then turned to the thighs and hips as a whole. Another time when I was lying flat on my back and raising my breath, I felt my legs bend and my body twist. My hands grew small and hyperfunnel, and then went back to normal several times. The next time I stood to adjust my breath, I felt my feet were very solid on the ground at first, and then I felt my feet were inside the ground. Then my feet and legs did not exist, and they went up to my thighs, and my hips did not exist, as if they were mixed with the air, and there were many feelings. I will not mention them all. I am lucky enough to continue my treatment.... To be continued!

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Medical science and technology
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